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Scientific soft skills workshops: Writing proposals for getting funded

Guides to submitting proposals, the steps and procedures, can be found on the Internet. But you still have to write the proposal – the very best proposal possible.

This workshop is designed to help young researchers write their first proposal to continue their career as an independent scientist.

We deal with the content planning and general structuring of a proposal. As we move on to writing we consider how to address vital points, such as what the reviewers want to see (and where), how to sell your science and yourself as an outstanding candidate, and how to precisely address different required sections.

Ideally participants will have already taken part in a scientific writing for manuscripts workshop to optimally apply the acquired skills for concise, precise writing and targeted revision.

Alternatively both scientific writing workshops can be combined.

Proposal writing workshop topics

Getting started — considering the options;

Time planning;

What the reviewers want to see (and where);

Brainstorming — what is your storyline;

How to sell your science;

How to sell yourself;

How to precisely address different required sections;

Polishing up your CV;

Hands-on editing and revision;

Final goal — getting funded!

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