Dr. Avril Arthur-Goettig
Mob: +49 172 316 90 36
Tel: +49 89 337 696
Roemerstrasse 25
80801 Muenchen

Translations today
AI-assissted text translation and optimization have become very good... but is it perfect?

Often only a few changes can make all the difference, transforming a text into your own dynamic, targeted message.

Optimizing translations of scientific texts

Editing and revision
Professional revision and editing of scientific texts for life sciences and biomedicine: From Articles to Websites...

... to brochures and research papers or proposals. The latter also benefit from experienced tips on content and organiztion.

Editing and revision of scientific texts

Soft Skills Workshops
A range of soft skills trainingin scientific writing and presentations tailored to fit the needs of different target groups.

Download workshop descriptions

Prices vary depending on the kind of editorial, revision or writing work and the type of workshop.

A rough guide:    Please also ask for a cost estimate.

Dr. Arthur-Goettig's profile
A brief outline of the career path of the workshop trainer and freelance scientific writer and editor.


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