Text editing and soft skills training for research scientists
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Editorial, Revision, Writing and Translation Services

We focus on a combined approach to optimising scientific text structure, content and organization plus English language editing.
We aim to help researchers publish faster and more frequently in high impact journals.
Our expertise in organizing and editing scientific material goes well beyond proofreading, and provides a "pre-referee" step to ensure accelerated acceptance for publication.

Why write texts?

"Full sentences are harder to write.
They have verbs.
The paragraphs have topic sentences.
There is no way to write a six-page, narratively structured memo and not have clear thinking."

Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon


Working anywhere, anytime ...
to meet your deadlines!

Optimization: We have helped innumerable scientists and entrpreneurs polish up and publish research papers, research reports, posters, seminar scripts, PowerPoint presentations, theses, books, business plans, annual reports, milestone reports, brochures, flyers, product profiles, Websites, etc.

Submitting: BioXpress also has considerable experience in optimizing submission letters to the editor, modifying manuscripts, and formulating responses to referees' comments.

Word (.doc/.docx), and LyX documents have all changes marked for easy identification, feedback and future reference. PowerPoint files do not have the changes marked. pdf files are only suitable for minor changes, with edits marked.

Translation: Scientific German text translated into English.

Specialist areas: include molecular biology, biotechnology, bacteriology, cell biology, genetics, microbiology, molecular medicine, pharmacology, public health, virology, etc.

Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure: agreements can be prepared and signed before commencing any work. Such work is then only ever seen by the person who signed the contract.

Each text: is handled individually, and in strictest confidence: both language style and scientific presentation and/or consistency are addressed.

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