Text editing and soft skills training for research scientists
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Global communication

In this age of international research projects and online publiction it is more important than ever to communicate rapidly and globally in excellent English.

BioXpress specializes in providing expert editing, feedback, comments, corrections, writing, translations and training for scientists in biotechnology, molecular medicine and life science texts so they can effectively reach all kinds of target audiences.

BioXpress not only aims to accelerate the writing schedule of scientists today, but also provide them with the skills and tools that they can to apply to their own writng and presentations in the future.

Scientific excellence

BioXpress provides more than simply English optimization.

Many years of experience in lab research and freelance editorial work ensure that all aspects of scientific content, organization, presentation, accuracy, and style are addressed in order to communicate your research with maximum impact.

It is often not what you say, but how you say it that counts.

  • bioXpress aims to help you:
  • Save time
  • Publish faster
  • Meet urgent deadlines
  • Reach international audiences
  • Optimally present your work
  • Present your work with confidence
  • Compete with native English speakers
  • Learn and practice how to develop and polish your skills in scientific writing and presentation

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